BEAM VIP | Fly on private jets at operator prices for 50% less

Book private jet flights for up to 50% less for €199/m

BEAM's VIP subscription lets you book any private jet directly from its owner without any broker fees and no limits on the amount of flights. Only a small 2.9% fee is added to cover admin costs.


You send BEAM a request for the flight you need along with all special requirements you may have.


BEAM requests the flight from 1,000+ operators and confirms availability

Pick an aircraft

BEAM sends you all the available aircrafts at the real operator prices and you pick the one you want.


The contract between the operator and you is signed directly and you are ready for your flight.

On a 4h flight, from Nice to Moscow, on a Challenger 850 priced at €40,000, BEAM would bring down the price to near €22,000

leading to savings of near 50%
through BEAM

We know the market from both sides

Founded by an ownership group that evolved both on the owner, charter and broker sides, BEAM is uniquely positioned to understand the market and get access to the best deals, saving you more with its low monthly subscription structure.

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